Everything You Need To Know About Pool Fencing Regulations In Adelaide

Want to Build a Pool On Your Property? Here’s What To Know About Pool Fencing Adelaide Regulations

As a property owner, you will be responsible for the safety of your family members and other people who use your pool. And the most notable aspect when it comes to keeping your pool safe is the fencing that you build around. It is not just something optional, as you need to adhere to the regulations for pool fencing Adelaide. In this article, we’ll discuss a few things to keep in mind about pool fencing regulations In Adelaide.

Here are The Major Pool Fencing Adelaide Regulations

Minimum Height and Gap Measurements

One of the critical elements of pool fencing Adelaide regulations is the minimum height requirement. Fences must be a certain height to prevent easy access by young children.

According to the regulations set by the South Australian government, the maximum gap allowed between the ground and the bottom of the fence needs to be at least 1.2 meters high. The barrier should be at least 1.8 meters high on the side that faces the pool to keep children from crawling underneath.

Pool Fencing Adelaide

Gate Closure, Dimensions, and Maintenance

When it comes to pool safety, the functionality and compliance of pool gates are of paramount importance. In adherence to regulations, pool gates are required to swing outward, away from the pool area.

Furthermore, the automatic closure mechanisms are mandated. It should ensure that the gate consistently returns to its closed position without manual intervention. When building a pool gate in South Australia, it should have the following things:

  • Have a height of at least 1200mm
  • A non-climbable zone of 900mm must be maintained.
  • For boundary fences integrated into the child safety barrier, additional height requirements apply, which means boundary fences facing the pool should be a minimum of 1800mm tall.

Fencing Materials and Design

Pool fencing materials and design must meet certain criteria to comply with regulations. Common materials include aluminiumglass, and steel. The design should eliminate climbable elements, such as horizontal bars close together, to prevent unsupervised access to the pool area.

Also, the swimming pool safety fence must be designed and constructed to prevent access by young children effectively. Furthermore, the stability of the pool area is vital, and it should remain intact under all circumstances. Moreover, the surface directly beneath the pool barrier must exhibit stability and resistance to erosion from weather, children, or animals. These measures are vital to keep in mind when designing the fence.

Self-Closing and Self-Latching Gates

The gate is a crucial component of pool fencing, and regulations often require that it is self-closing and self-latching. This ensures that the gate remains closed and latched, which will help in reducing the risk of accidental entry. The latches should be 1500mm (1.5m) above the ground level if the latches are on the outer part of the gate.

Also, the door of the pool should open/swing into the safe zone and away from the pool. An important thing to note is that regular maintenance of these features is essential to ensure they function correctly. If you have a latching device with no hand hole provided, then it should be at least 150mm (15cm) below the top of the gate. In case a hand-hole is provided, then the latching device should be below the edge of any hand-hole opening by 150mm (15cm).

Selling Your House With a Pool

Plan on selling a house with a pool? Then, there are different sets of requirements that you need to know about for pool fencing in SA.

For pools built before 1 July 1993, you need to ensure that the pool fencing meets the standards that are set for today. This entails putting barriers so that the house and the pool area are separate.

If your pool was built on or after 1 July 1993, then pool fences must adhere to existing at the time of construction, such as restricting access to the pool from the:

  • House
  • Garage
  • Street
  • Adjoining properties

Build a Fence that Adheres to the Local Regulations Today!

In summary, adherence to gate closure specifications, proper dimensions, and vigilant maintenance are integral to maintaining a secure pool environment. So, if you need assistance with that, then you can get in touch with our experts. We can assess your pool and help build a fence that complies with the SA regulations.

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